Spirit Message of the Day – What Are You Intentionally Thinking?

“When this card appears it is addressing the process of manifestation. It is about the actions needed to achieve goals. The Earth card reminds us that we must be focused, methodical, practical, and devoted if we wish to ensure success.”

“The element of Earth is one of the four creative principles of Creation. The energy of Earth is cEarthFromSpaceohesive, forming, and stabilizing. The element is associated with the north quarter. In older traditions the color associated with Earth is yellow, like the sun that gives warmth to the soil, making seeds sprout. In some modern systems the color green is associated with Earth because of the greenery that covers the land. The card depicts a woman kneeling upon the land. Between her hands is a swirling spiral of earth energy. Below, a mound of fertile earth appears in response to the energy generated by the woman. She has magically taken the astral energy of earth and made it manifest in its physical counterpart.”

“The Crone of the cottage takes you to a young woman. She leaves you with her and returns to her cauldron in the woods. The Earth by Mickie Muellerwoman tells you to watch with your new eyes. she then brings the palms of her hands close together. With eyes half closed, the woman begins to hum. The tone emanates as the vowel sound ‘A’ and it rises and falls in a mesmerizing rhythm. As you watch the woman, you recall that ‘thoughts can become things’. Then between her hands a spiral appears, and from the spiral you see earth pouring out into a cone before the young woman. She brushes off her hands, smiles, and says, ‘And now, it’s your turn’.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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