Spirit Message of the Day – Utilize Your Spiritual Gifts

“When this card appears it addresses the value of ones experiences and the legacy that is passed from one generation to the next. It is the covenant between the past, present, and future. Those who came before your time have cleared the spiritual path upon which you walk. It is now your turn to extend the well-worn path for those who follow behind you in their own time to come. This card asks the questions: ‘What is the work you nAncestral Spirit by Mickie Muellereed to do for yourself and for others?’ Something has been gifted to you, entrusted to your soul when it came into this lifetime. You must share your gift and fulfill your soul contract.”

“It is a very old belief that the voices of our ancestors speak to us. It is said that each generation carries the ancestral memory within the blood. The new generation adds to the memory with its own experiences, and then passes the enriched memory on to the next generation. Traditionally offerings were made to the ancestral spirit at the time of Samhain (All Hallow’s Eve). The card depicts an ancestral skull set on the center of the crossroads. The crossroads has long been viewed as the doorway between the worlds. Red candles appear on the skull and crossbones, symbolizing the lifeblood that joins generations. The crossbones represent guardianship and protection.”

“It was an ancient belief that the skull represented what remained after death. this was the knowledge and wisdom of the life experience. the skull was thought to retain this and keep it from perishing with the death of the body. The crossbones served to open or close the threshold between the living and the dead by their placement.”

“You hear familiar voices calling to you, but you cannot make out what they are saying. you walk along the well worn path to see who is speaking in the night. Day of the DeadAs you walk you come to a crossroads. In the center appears a human skull with crossbones set in front of it. Voices whisper in the breeze that blows across, and the candle flames bend in its passing. You realize that the voices sound familiar because they are those of your ancestors. It is your blood that recognizes them. The ancestral spirits offer guidance and protection. They possess oracle power and convey messages in dreams.”

“As you stand gazing upon the lighted skull, the voices flood your mind with images. You see a river of living blood flowing in a vast circle. The full moon shines in the night sky from above. Voices chant to the moon from the past, present, and future. You realize that the ancestral voices speak loudest here because the crossroads lies between the worlds, for the ways of each world are not binding in this place, which is not a place. You spend the night listening to the stories of your ancestors. They are preparing you for your time, for you have yet to pass through to the true crossroads. As the night grows darker, the ancestral voices direct you down the path. It is the hour now to step beyond the threshold and become one who is prepared to pierce the veil of the mysteries. You head down the dark path with only the moon to light your way.”

Today’s special message is from A Traveler’s Guide To The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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