Spirit Message of the Day – Gain A New Perspective

“When this card appears, it signifies that normal methods and views are no longer applicable. New ways of seeing and operating are needed. Move now to a new vantage point. It is time for new discernment, insight, and perception.”

“The human body possesses a spirit body or double-form, which is called the astral body (meaning “of the stars”). This is the body that appears in our dreams and experiences sensationAstralForm by Mickie Muellers and emotions. It is used by the soul or spirit to travel outside of the limitations of the physical form. Tradition states that a silvery cord attaches the physical body to the astral body. As long as the cord remains, then the soul continues to be attached to the material form. At death the cord dissolves away and frees the soul to leave the world of mortal kind.”

“The card depicts a man sitting in a circle of stones as he enters into a trance. From his forehead emanates a silvery cord that connects to his astral form, which flies off into the starry night sky. The soul journeys to the Otherworld nightly to enrich its education, for knowledge and experience of both realms are required in order for the soul to reach maturity.”

“The Astral Body card speaks to us of projected consciousness. Its message is that we do not require a material form in order to continue to exist. It is a reminder that the physical body is a temporary vessel animated by the soul. Therefore we must place as much emphasis on our spiritual lives as we do our material existence. To fail to do so is to live only half a life.”

Today’s message is from The Seeker’s Guide To The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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