Spirit Message of the Day – Find Bliss in Union

“When this card appears, it indicates a consummation, a joining together beyond personal matters or limitations. It can also point to the perfect union and divine match formed to create something greater than the parts can be on their own.”

“The Great Rite represents the union of divine polarities, which are traditionally viewed as masculine and feminine. these are personified as God and Goddess. In some traditions a GreatRite by Mickie Muellercouple performs an initiation rite that includes sexual intercourse, which consummates a divine marriage is known as the Hieros Gamos. In other traditions the ritual is performed symbolically, using tools as the chalice and wand, or chalice and blade. These represent the active (wand or blade) and receptive (chalice) forces. Traditionally, the chalice represents the feminine womb, and the wand represents the phallus. In some modern traditions the blade (athame) has replaced the wand. The card depicts a wand being dipped into a chalice. A man holds the wand of the masculine polarity and a woman holds the chalice of the feminine polarity. Both people wear a cord around their wrists, symbolizing the handfasting or wedding that unites the couple as one.”

“The Great Rite card takes up the idea of mimicry magic. This is the belief that by portraying something, a person can thereby attract what is reprePagan Yin Yangsented. In the case of the Great Rite, the desire is to invoke the essence of the union of the divine polarities (Goddess and God). In other words, this is performed to establish an inner alignment wherein the masculine and feminine aspects of the divine source make a connection with the soul. Through this act the soul joins a moment of oneness with the source from which it originated. Arising from this union, we can comprehend and experience the opposite gender polarity within, which helps us integrate our own feminine and masculine aspects.”

Today’s message comes from The Seeker’s Guide To The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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