Spirit Message of the Day – It Is Time To Walk The Well Worn Path

“When this card appears it addresses challenges that lead to wider perspectives and opportunities. This card also speaks of trust and endurance as one faces a new phase of life. The card of initiation can indicate the old axiom: ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’.”

“Initiation is a traditional rite of passage. During the ritual the initiator passes on the alignments and memory-chain associations to the initiated. Initiation Mickie MuellerThese are the ancient roots that connect to the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors. Here the initiate is connected to the ‘momentum of the past’ which is an energy flowing from the living ancestral spirit.”

“The card depicts a priestess and priest who wait to lead an initiate to his or her rite of initiation. In their hands appears the ancient mystical spark that is passed in the time-honored ways of our ancestors. in the background a path moves amid a row of trees. This is the path that lies ahead for the initiate; it is the well-worn path. It leads toward the full moon, which has come up from the horizon and into the starry night sky. The moon symbolizes enlightenment, and the stars represent the vastness of other worlds that can now be perceived through new eyes.”

“As you walk along the moonlit path you are met by two waiting figures. They are a priestess and priest of the Old Ways that were known to your ancestors. In their hands you see a glowing sphere. Here abides the living memory of the Ages, joined with the Fairy spirits of the Otherworld. It is the only light now that can guide you down the path that lies ahead. You realize that before you stand the initiators, tInitiation by Mickie Muellerhey who are the light-bearers. They can reveal the way, and guide you to the threshold, but the journey and the walk is your own. The light they bear shines upon where you stand, and lights the choice of paths you may take ahead. The initiators are the openers of the way, but you are the path walker.”

“The priestess asks if you are ready to walk to the end of the well worn path. You answer that you are ready. The priest asks if you are ready to extend the path at the end for others. You reply that you will do so when it is your time. As you stand there, the eyes of the couple search behind your own to discern your inner spirit. The moment of initiation has arrived. After a few moments they turn and bid you follow them. The trees form a row of guardians as you pass. You hear their branches move, and you hear the sounds of the fields and woodlands. In front of you appears the full moon, and the stars gather as watchers of all that shall transpire.”

Today’s message comes from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.


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