Spirit Message of the Day – Align Your Energy with Your Soul’s Purpose

“When this card appears; it signifies you are at the meeting point of cause and effect. Your choices and actions, or lack thereof, have delivered this outcome. The choice is now before you, and you must accept responsibility and do what you inwardly know is right.” It is time for recompense, response, and contagion.

“Every act creates an energy that attaches itself to the person performing the act. This energy attracts whatever is harmonious with its vibKarma by Mickie Muellerration. Whether the energy is constructive or destructive, the return of energy matches it. This positive or negative energy is often carried by the soul into other lifetimes. This brings events and circumstances to each lifetime that strengthen or challenge the soul. Karma does not reward or punish; it simply aligns and matches energy. The results of this action are in the hands of the soul and the Source from which it came.”

“The card depicts an entity in space who is displaying a scroll that bears a record of past deeds and future needs. In one hand he holds a crystal ball in which a glimpse of the future is possible. According to the teaching, the souls enters into a soul contract each lifetime, through which it eliminates negative karma through corrective actions and draws positive karma as a means of spiritual evolution.”

“The Karma card speaks to us of balance restored. The teaching centers on the belief that the soul attaches energy to itself throughout each life experience. It is not the actions that adhere to the soul; it is the feelings we hold in relationship to our experiences. Whatever we hold on to is the energy we create in the aura, which in turns attracts karma. Karma draws the soul into a situation through which the unbalanced energies that are detrimental to spiritual evolution can be dissolved. This is the fire of liberation that frees the soul.”

Today message comes from The Seeker’s Guide to The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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