Spirit Message of the Day – To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Keep Silent

“When this card appears the matter at hand is one of completion WordsofMagus by Mickie Muellerand achievement. This is a card of mastery, and as such is the teacher’s card. The message of this card is to look to the higher vision, to a different standpoint. It also reminds us that even though heights have been reached the path of revealing continues toward new teachings. The mark of the teacher is to know that there are lessons to be learned from those who are taught.”

“The axiom represented by this card is: ‘To know, to will, to dare, and to keep silent’. These were once traditionally considered to be the traits of a master. In simpler terms, the axiom is referring to knowledge, self-discipline, fortitude, and reserve. The card depicts a section of the Book of Shadows that symbolizes the foundational/traditional teachings. On one page there is an archway, and through this we see the Well Worn Path disappearing into the horizon. The staff of the pink foxglovemaster has been left at the gateway with a lantern suspended from it. This symbolizes that enlightenment has been achieved and the road has been explored beyond the visible horizon. New lessons even await even the master as the road continues into the hidden realm.”

“The candle above the Book of Shadows is the symbol of the keeper of the flame. The quill and inkwell represent guardianship, the preserving and passing on of important and vital traditions. On the border of the page appears the foxglove plant, which symbolizes the Otherworld. In essence, the foxglove represents the altered state of consciousness that is necessary to see other realities beyond the material realm.”

“You stand before the Book of Shadows, which is opened to a page titled the Words of the Magus. On the right side of the book you note an archway with a trail leading off into the horizon. You realize that the master has passed through and is now beyond view. The light of his lantern is all that remains to mark his past presence. You wonder what lies down the road, and what is required to make the journey. In response the words of the Magus are carried in the air that brushes past you through the archway: ‘To know, to will, to dare, and to be silent; these are the words of the Magus. In order to possess knowledge, you must quench more than your curiosity. FoxgloveTo will, you must endure without yielding to defeat. You must continue on the path despite its obstacles. To dare, you must be willing to accept risk and disfavor. To be silent you must simply speak your own truths without pretense or vanity’.”

“Your attention is suddenly drawn to the image of the lantern. Wind blows from the archway and the flame withers against its force. The voice of the Magus whispers, ‘Do not let the flame die, go to the hearth, the place of the sacred fire’. The Book of Shadows closes abruptly in front of you. The Crone of the cottage looks in from the adjoining room, then turns away and disappears from view. You leave the book behind and enter the room in search of the Crone.”

Today’s guidance is from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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