Spirit Message of the Day – Do you Dare to Enter?

“When this card appears, it is a sign that something is finally revealed or accessible now. Obstacles are removed and the way forward is clear for the traveler. However, the journey ahead holds unexpected gains and delights that will have a profound effect.” It is time for entry, passage way, and opportunity. Do you dare to accept the challenge before you and step forward to enter within?

Two Faeries by Lisa HuntTEACHING
“The faery door is a legendary point of passage between the world of mortal kind and the realm of the faery race. It is often depicted as hidden in tree trunks or earthen mounds. Sometimes a secret password is required to open a faery door, and in some stories the ringing of a bell or the playing of a musical instrument is needed.”

“The card depicts a magical doorway appearing between the ash and oak trees. In the foreground the hawthorn has parted its thorny branches, revealing what was previously hidden. The doorknob is shaped like an apple FaerieDoor Mickie Mueller(the fruit of the faery world), and signifies that this entry point leads to another reality outside of the mundane world. Mounted on the door is the triple symbol, which represents the unity of the three points that mark the triangle of manifestation: time, space, and energy. When all three are present anything can be accomplished.”

“The Faery Door card is a sign that magical opportunities present themselves in our lives. These are junctures of Fate that can be pivotal moments. Through this we understand that divinity takes an active role in guiding our lives. We must realize that it opens doors and reveals vistas, but it doesn’t force us to take the required actions.” We are responsible for this ourselves.

“Everything we do, or fail to do, creates a ripple that alters our future. This is why our goals and actions must be noble.”

Today’s guidance is from The Seeker’s Guide to The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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