Spirit Message of the Day – How Do You Connect With the Otherworld?

“When this card appears in a reading it represents unseen forces and things that are veiled. MoonGoddessThe card speaks to the mystical nature, and calls upon us to view things through a different light/perspective. Know that things are not always as they appear.”

“In readings the card can also address matters related to intuition and thins of a psychic nature. The Moon card is about the emotional versus the mental. It is a card of nonlinear vision, seeing instead of cycle and the wholeness of any matter. The Moon card can be telling you to not only acknowledge the inner intuitive nature, but also to trust and act upon it.”

“The moon has long been the symbol of the Mystery. To our primitive ancestors the ability of the moon to change our shape in the night sky must have been a profound puzzle. Over the course of many centuries the moon became associated with the Goddess, and also with magic and psychic phenomena.”

The Moon Mickie Mueller“Among the earliest images associated with the moon we find ‘moon altars’, which appear with tree or lattice imagery. These are sometimes called the Moon Tree altars. The Moon Tree is the mystical representation of the ancient mysteries of the Goddess of the moon. here we see the Gateway of the Moon, the portal to the Otherworld. The hidden fruit that grows on the Moon Tree is the fruit of enlightenment.”

“It has long been an ancient belief that the light of the moon is magical and sacred. The essence of the moon is associated with plant growth, and with the fertility cycles of the living things in Nature. The moon is a symbol of enlightenment in the darkness, and so rituals are performed in the fullness of the moon’s phase. Here the Goddess blesses her Hidden Children of the Night, who gather to venerate the ancient Lady.”

Full Moon“The Moon Tree card depicts the ancient Moon Tree as a symbol of the annual cycle of the moon. The thirteen flames represent the thirteen new or full moon phases of the year. The lattice structure reflects the interconnectedness of the ancient ways of Nature. In the center is an upright wooden pole. This is called the hekataion, one of the most ancient representations of the Goddess of the Mysteries. The hekataion was traditionally erected at the site of a crossroads, which was sacred to the goddess Hecate. In ancient times a crossroads was the favored site for magic and mystical rites.”

“It is the night of the full moon and you walk in the soft moonlight among the rolling hills by the lake. You approach a large wooden structure set with glowing bowls of mystical flame. Your eyes follow the center pole up the mounted image of the full moon. Behind it, and from above, the light of the moon falls like a magical mist. You begin to wonder about the key you are carrying, Moon Altarand you take it out into your hand. The light of the moon highlights it, and the key starts to glow brightly. Its light fills the archway, and the lattice structure vanishes before your eyes.”

“In the opening you see a path of moonlight that appears like a road going over the horizon. You realize that anything you wish to imagine can be waiting beyond, but you also sense that beyond is the realm of the Otherworld. Somewhere nearby, perhaps just inside, is the land of the Faery, and the beings of mythical realms. Just three steps will take you in, but you must remember to return again to the mortal world.”

Today’s message comes from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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