Spirit Message of the Day – What is the Imprint You Have to Offer?

“When this card appears in a reading it addresses matters of rootedness. The card calls to us to examine the very foundations of our beliefs–have we strayed or adhered to what oaktreepicturewe profess? From what source are we drawing our inspiration or desire?” This card also asks us the question ‘What do you have to offer as a gift or blessing to those who’ve come before you and for those who will come after you?’ and ‘How are you able to successfully connect with spirit, the divine, and your ancestors?’

“In essence the card speaks of the simplicity and purity of foundational views, versus the modern eclectic mixture of self-styled beliefs and practices that continually shift and change. Know that this card points to the energy of momentum that flows from whatever has already been established beforehand. This is a card of the ‘time-proven’ ways that have survived the passing of generations through the mystery teachings of myth, lore, and legend.”

“Traditionally The Old Ones are the primal spirits of the earth that existed long before humankind. They are the ‘teachers’ that dwell within the trees, hills, lakes, and oceans. Our ancient ancestors learned from these spirits before there were any human teachers. The teachings of The Old Ones are those of TheOldOnes by Mickie Muelleroak and boulder, the primal teachings from a forgotten age. The standing stones represent the ancestral memory, and the trees symbolize the living teachers of that memory.”

“The card depicts weathered faces on four ancient standing stones. These are the old and forgotten deities of a lost age. The trees behind the stones have taken on faces of their own, now the living spirits of what once dwelt in stone. The imagery that our ancestors gave to The Old Ones demonstrates the first stirrings of awareness between human and spirit beings (before anthropomorphic imagery). The altar symbolizes the human awareness of beings within the world around them, and the need to connect and communicate with them. This is the seed of religion.”

“You suddenly and mysteriously find yourself walking in the woods as day slips into night. You wonder how you arrived here, and where you are headed. stonehengeYou are confused because you have no memory of yourself, and so it is memory that you now seek. You approach a group of four old standing stones, with an alter set before them. You note a collection of offerings. Some are new, and some are very old. Here you see that people have come to this place for untold generations. Behind the stones you see four large trees that seem to be companions to the standing stones.”

“A voice in the woods whispers to you, ‘If it is memory you seek, then touch the stones’. You walk over to the standing stones and place your palms on each one. The stones are cool to the touch at first, but quickly become warm. After feeling the fourth stone, you step back and gaze upon them all. A harmony of deep voices emanate from the standing stones, ‘We are the teachings of boulder; long have we kept inside us what your ancestors knew so long ago’.”

“You begin to feel a deep vibration within you. It is slow and powerful, and you feel the strength and solidity of the stone. The voices speak again and direct you to touch the trees behind them. You go to each tree and place your palm on its trunk. tree_wonders josephine wallAt first the trees feel firm and solid, but after a few moments you feel warmth and a deep heartbeat. After touching the fourth tree, a harmony of deep voices rises, saying, ‘We are the teachings of Oak, and long have we kept what stone has passed to word. In us we give the life flow to what your ancestors knew so long ago’.”

“You feel an emanation coming from the trees. Your heart is pounding as the blood rushes through your body. The voices direct you to give an offering at the altar. You go to the altar and place on it the key that the Crone of the cottage gave you. The stones and the trees begin to drone and hum. The sound overwhelms you and you fall into a trance that leads to sleep, and to dreams of a forgotten past.”

Today’s message of inspiration comes from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor.

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