Spirit Message of the Day – Take Time to Reflect on Your Life’s Journey

“When this card appears it addresses matters that require contemplation and reflection. The card speaks of conserving resources, and of the wise use of energy. It can also indicate counselors, advisors, teachers, and mentors.”

“The Crone is one of the three major aspects of the Great Goddess. She is the quiet reserve of winter, and the accumulation of provisions to sustain life without the season of decline. The Crone possesses the wisdom of life experience, a deeper understanding of the cycles of life and death. The Crone is also associated with the waning phase of the moon.”

Crone by Mickie Mueller“The Card depicts an elderly woman at her desk. She is writing her knowledge and wisdom onto the pages that will be added to her Book of Shadows. The Crone sits in her warm cottage with the things she has collected over the years. Books sit on a shelf, alongside her pet raven that brings her messages and guards her domain. A crystal ball also sits on the shelf, and through this she sees into other worlds that await her departure from the mortal world.”

“In the corner is her old staff, which accompanies her when she ventures out into the woods. The dried herbs that she collects from field and forest hang on the walls of her cottage, for she is the healer, potion maker, and seer. A candle is set upon the table, giving its light to the Crone. She is the keeper of the flame, one who is an initiate of the Old Ways of our ancestors.”

It is a cool fall day as you cross through the woods, making your way down the well worn path. You see a cottage with a soft glow of light in the window and smoke coming from the chimney. A Book of Shadows Mickie Muellerwoman’s voice calls to you to come in and warm yourself by the fire. You enter to find an elderly woman sitting at her writing desk. She seems unaware of you as she focuses on her recollections. You notice her black dress as it seems to shimmer. A stillness gathers around you as a deep silence. You see a movement above, and it is the raven. It turns to look at you, and lowers itself as though it might leap into flight. The staff in the corner of the room comes to life, and you see it is the living root of a tree.”

“You become aware that you have entered the gateway between the mortal world and the Otherworld. Here in this one place are your past deeds, your present life, and the completion of your time in the realm of mortal kind. Where have your journeys taken you? What knowledge and wisdom do you possess? What will you leave behind that will benefit those who follow the road you have extended on the well worn path?”

Today’s message comes from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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