Spirit Message of the Day – Summon the Spiritual Warrior Within

“When this card appears, it addresses communication on all levels. the wand points to the need to expand and direct. It is also a card of branching out into new opportunities that will bear fruit. The wand is the channel through which its counterpart (the energy of air/fire) manifests its objectives.”

dryad dragonfly by Josephine WallTEACHING
“Traditionally the wand is a ritual tool that symbolizes expansion, a sending or directing of energy that is not focused or contained in one specific area or for one specific purpose. It is a movement outward instead of inward, which makes the wand a conduit of communication. In some traditions the wand is associated with air and in others it is associated with fire. Those systems that associate the wand with air see the tree branch in the wind. The association with fire with the wand is due to the symbolism of the torch as a conveyor of fire.”

“In another aspect of the wand, it symbolizes fertility, and is the phallus of the Stag-Horned God. The wand is associated with the sacred branch of the divine tree. Our ancestors believed that deity dwelled within certain trees, which made them sacred. To bear the branch of a tree denoted the person as a priestess or priest. Here we see the wand as a tool of invocation, evocation, and alignment to the divine nature.”

Wand by Mickie Mueller“The card depicts the wand nestled in a black cloth. Black is the presence of all colors absorbed into one place, and is the procreative energy of generation. Here the wand can be cloaked and protected against outside influences. The chest symbolizes that the elemental nature is self-contained, and is not reliant upon other elements for its existence and unique function. The latch lock is fashioned to represent a dragonfly, which symbolizes messages conveyed on the wind.”

“The Crone of the cottage sets a small chest before you. She opens it and presents a wand to you from within the chest. The Crone instructs you that this is the lance of the spiritual warrior. Here is the symbol of your perception. You look upon the wand and see its extension. In this you realize that your intuition can disarm your foe at a distance. If none may pass your lance without challenge, then none may approach you unrecognized.”

Today’s inspirational message comes from A Traveler’s Guide to the Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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