Spirit Message of the Day – Listen to the Wind

“When this card appears it addresses the need for a middle connection. It speaks of needing a mediator or one with closer ties to what we seek. The Familiar Spirit card is ArtMagic by Mickie Muellerone of finding the ‘meeting point’ through which you can connect with what you desire. Through this you can discover an interface for improved communication.”

“The Familiar Spirit is a legendary creature that aids, teaches, and serves its human companion. In essence the familiar, as a ‘power animal’ totem, is closer to Nature than are modern humans. People seeking a closer connection to Nature can benefit by creating a relationship with things that are closer to Nature. Here we see the principle of ‘leap frog spirituality’, which expresses the notion that one can ‘leap’ from one thing to another in a series of connections leading toward what lies behind them all. This can be pictured as a row of spaced stepping-stones going down a path. Each individual stone takes us closer to what awaits at the end of the line.”

“Your walk down the well-worn path takes you past an embankment in the woods. A young man sits on the slope where he pets a ferret that has come to him. You notice that other creatures seem drawn to familiar spirits Mickie Muellerthe man as well. You greet the man, and you tell him that you have seen many strange things this day. He does not turn to look at you, but replies, ‘And yet, you have not heard the voice of the wind.’ You ask if he has heard it, and he answers that it is the animals that speak to him.

The man tells you that when people left the woods, and built towns and cities, they withdrew from Nature. In the places of humankind, the people no longer allow their ears to hear the voices of the forest, their ancestors, or the spirits of the Otherworld. Instead their ears are filled with the sound of axes, saws, hammers, and wagons. The hearts of the people are no longer with the beauty of the world that was given them. Instead their hearts are with the world they wish to create themselves.

screech owl cvanalstineYou tell the man that you wish to hear the voices of the forest, as your ancestors did in ancient times. He turns, looks at a large tree, and says to you, ‘It’s hard for a tree to trust humans these days, and some no longer even listen.’ You look at the tree, then back at the man saying, ‘Surely, there is a way!’

The man smiles, and replies, ‘You need a friend that they do trust. One who can speak to the trees for you’. You ask if anyone knows such a friend. The man stands, brushes himself off, and replies, ‘Well, some like the badger, and some the fox. For myself, I prefer the ferret’. He winks, and walks away without further words. All the animals slip off into the brush and burrows. Only an owl remains, blinking its eyes as it stares down upon you from a branch.” Which familiar animal will you choose to aid you along your pathway to help fulfill your journey?

Today’s inspiration comes from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with amazing art by Mickie Mueller.

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