Spirit Message of the Day – Celtic Tree Oak

June 10th to July 7th marks the Celtic Tree Month of Oak. The month of Oak has Summer Solstice occurring within it, and Oak is a powerful symbol of Midsummer.

“Every House has a front door. If you wish to enter, the door must be approached and your presence made known. The door may then be opened. The very word ‘door’ comes from the Gaelic and Sanskrit ‘duir’, a word for solidity, protection, and the Oak tree. In the essential forest, the Oak is King. He stands mighty solid with great branches, matched only by still greater roots. he is often struck by lightening. The force of the strike and the heat bursts the sap and stem apart leaving the trunk gnarled and withered. Yet he still manages to survive, over the years, decades, and centuries. His growth is slow but sure. His children grow into magnificent replicas of himself and he is a marker point, a cornerstone, and a refuge in the forest.”

Oak Trees 1“The Oak’s place in the Celtic lunar calendar is seventh among the thirteen months. He is central and stands between Hauthe, Hawthorn on his left and Tinne, Holly on his right. His month is the one of the fertile dance of spring when all becomes fecundated for the coming summer months.”

“The Oak has always protected England through the use of his timbers for the building of ships, those that, for example, defeated the Armada. Oaks have also been used to mark the boundaries between one area and the next. Ancient Ovates, Bards, and Druids preached under its mighty form, gaining strength from its strength. Edward the Confessor preached under the Gospel Oak at Parliament Hill, Hampstead, thereby gaining power for his Kingdom, and tradition from the many years of strength that lay way back in the past.”

“Choosing this card means that you will be secure and strong in your pursuits. The doorway to inner spirituality will be opened to you and you will be protected on your journey, with the chastity and determination of the female Hawthorn and the fighting strength and vigor of the male Holly. This Ogham represents primeval strength and the ability to overcome and survive, while in its reversed position it stands for essential protection for the less able and weaker who require security in order to strengthen their characters.”

Today’s message comes from The Celtic Tree Oracle – A System of Divination by Liz and Colin Murray.

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