Spirit Message of the Day – Expand Your Vision, Open Your Awareness

“When this card appears, it suggests that your vision is not yet clear enough to manifest your desire. There are to many ideas, distractions, or daydreams in sight. Manifestation requires clarity and a better focus. The card may also indicate a delay in plans unfolding. Things are in the works but more is needed to accomplish the goal. Use visualization, imagination, and transmission techniques to succeed.”

betweentheworlds by Mickie MuellerTEACHING
“A dimension exists between the world of material matter and the realm of astral form. According to this belief, every material object was originally an astral form before it could become a physical object. The ‘World between the Worlds’ is a corridor that connects both dimensions (material and astral). Energy flows to and from the inner astral dimension, and is sometimes depicted as a river. This symbolic river carries visualized desires from the material world into the astral realm. Here they take on a representative form and then flow back into the material realm where the ‘formed-though’ becomes the object or situation that it illustrates.”

“The card depicts a mystical realm with a river flowing into the horizon. This symbolizes the flow of energy from the material world into the astral realm. The river carries ‘thought forms’ created by ritual and magic, which are transported into the astral fabric where they can take shape. Once formed, these astral images are carried back into the material realm where they manifest the desires of their creators.”

AstralForm by Mickie Mueller“Hovering above the river are four spheres, which are sometimes called faery orbs or soul orbs. They represent the presence of beings that can travel back and forth between the worlds at will. In this sense they can aid the ritual or magical desires that flow between  the worlds. This is one reason why offerings are often made to spirits when performing ritual magic.”

“The realm depicted on this card appears as a crossing point between material and spirit. This is because the corridor separates each definable dimension, existing in-between. It is here that a desire moves toward manifestation or ebbs away and disappears. The latter is typical of day-dreams, which have no drive of energy behind them.”

Otherworld by Mickie MuellerSHADOWS EDGE
“The Between the Worlds card expands our consciousness to an awareness that material existence is only a part of reality. Peering between the worlds allows us to see the inner mechanism that operates within nature. Through this we can perceive the cycles, tides, and flows of energies that wash across the planes of existence. It is here, between the worlds, that we can meet with beings and realms that exist just outside the border of our limited awareness. Expansion of vision and the evaluation of self-imposed limitations are essential for spiritual growth.

Today’s inspirational message comes from The Seeker’s Guide to the Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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