Spirit Message of the Day – Use Persistence to Manifest

“Lugh is a Celtic sun god of harvest time whose name means ‘the shining one’. His Celtic festival called Lughnasa, is celebrated worldwide at the end of every summer. Legend says that Lugh was renowned as a master of many crafts including art, poetry, and healing. Call upon Lugh to help with mastering anything you’re learning, as well as for enjoying bountiful harvests of abundance.”

“Through persistent action and positive thinking, your dreams are manifesting into form. This is a time for you to stay persistent. Give any discouragement to Lugh and the angels, who will buoy your faith and give you signs of your progress. You’re almost there, so keep going. It may help to break large projects into smaller steps that you’ll feel the thrill of accomplishment with each step that you take. Persistence pays off. Stick with it.”

sun-artAdditional Meanings
“Overcome procrastination tendencies, and take action today. Stick to your priorities and promises. Chip away at your dreams and desires with daily action steps. Stay positive and visualize your dreams already manifested. Commit to your dreams for the long haul.” Today’s message comes from Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

“Most Pagans know Lughnasa as one of the eight annual festivals but, historically, British witches were unique in celebrating Lughnasa. [2]  [Gerald Gardner introduced the eightfold pattern, based on the quarter and cross-quarter days of English law.] The average person outside of the Pagan community has probably never heard of the festival- even in Ireland where its name survives in modern Gaelic as Lúnasa, the month of August. The ancient festival seems to have included tribal assemblies and activities extending over two to four weeks. It was celebrated only in Britain, Ireland, France and possibly Northern Spain. Relatively few of its customs survive either in folklore or historical record. Surviving Lughnasa customs tend to be confined to specific localities and cultures although there are several clearly defined themes that underlie the traditional Lughnasa celebrations and rites and early August remains the traditional time for summer holidays and fairs.”

wheat“Lughnasa  is a harvest festival, marking the end of the period of summer growth and the beginning of the autumn harvest. It is also called Lammas, from the Anglo-Saxon hlaef-mass meaning ‘loaf-mass’. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle of 921 CE mentions it as ‘the feast of first fruits’. It was a popular Christian ritual during the Middle Ages but died out after the Reformation, though the custom is being revived in places. This first bread from the harvest was offered up as part of the Eucharist ritual. Since Lammas was celebrated only in Britain- no other Germanic or Nordic peoples observed Lammas or held any other feasts on the 1st August- it seems likely that it was merely a renaming of the Celtic Lughnasa.”
– Anna Franklin

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