Spirit Message of the Day – Remember Your Soul’s Purpose

maid mother croneTHE FATES
“Ancient myths and legends tell of the Fates, who are often depicted as three sisters. They are typically associated with weaving, and in their legends they weave a pattern of life for each human. One sister is a young maiden, another is a mature woman, and the third is elderly. This is an early form of the triple nature associated with the feminine forces in the ancient mystery tradition. In ancient times the Fates were held to be greater than the Olympic gods.”

Mickie Mueller Fate Card“The card depicts three hands, of varying age, around a spinning wheel. One hand holds the spindle, one hand turns the wheel, and another hand cuts the cord. the cut signifies the end of physical life, while the other hands symbolize the shades of light and dark that color our lives.”

“The Fates card reflects the triformis nature as a process, intimately connected to the cycles of life as a pattern. Its specific purpose reveals itself in the metaphysical teaching of the soul contract. This teaching tells us the soul enters into material life with a specific purpose, and that key events are predestined in life. However, the soul possesses free will, which can be used as desired by the soul. this can undo portions of the destiny pattern, and can even unravel sections. But ultimately the Fates bring closure and the soul is released.”

“When this card appears, it indicates a situation or outcome that originates in a higher source. There are influences that you have no control over. however, the blessings of light and dark are at work around and within  you. no doubt the Universe is unfolding as designed. No matter what your situation is, always remember that the Universe has no designs for your destruction, it operates only for your successful spiritual evolution. Keywords: Fortune, Grand Design, Destiny.”

Today’s inspiration comes from The Seeker’s Guide to The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor. The Fates card art is by Mickie Mueller.

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