Spirit Message of the Day – Take Time to Smell the Roses

Feminine, East, Venus-Fire
“I am Rose. I am beauty. If life seems too fast, slow down and smell by beauty. Take some time for yourself. Feed your spirit. A short journey into nature can clam, center, and revitalize you. Look to the beauty in all that surrounds you, in all your relations. To enjoy my beauty, you must deal with my thorns; but beware, they are sharp. I am joy. I am sorrow. Open up and let go of your emotions.”

another roseYOUR MESSAGE
Take some time today for yourself. Take a walk or hike through the neighborhood or local park. Allow yourself to be surrounded by plants, flowers, and nature. It is in this place where you can open up, take a deep breath, and let all of your thoughts go for a moment.  Let all your fears, worries, and concerns go. Allow your emotions to fill up inside you and then let that go too. Just be still in the moment and appreciate the beauty that constantly surrounds you every day. Notice the smells, the sights, the sounds. Appreciate all that your life, including everyone in it, has to offer today.

white rosesChallenge yourself to make quality time for self each and every day. Be willing to see things differently during this time of change. Let it all go to find the answers you seek. Let today simply be a new beginning for you.

The East represents new beginnings, new starts, perception, clarity, higher self, communication, and creativity. Fire represents assertive, forceful, primal, illumination, change, spirit, purification, and power.

Today’s message comes from Shaman Wisdom Cards by Leita Richesson.

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