Spirit Message of the Day – It’s Okay to Set Boundaries

viking shieldTHE VIKING SHIELD
“The Shield represents Protection and your outer Boundaries. If the Shield has been lifted for you today, it is here to teach you about your Boundaries and how you can learn to Protect yourself. You are entitled to a sacred space around your body, a space that is under your authority. Many people have learned to form and respect their outer Boundaries, and claimed their space inside them. If you have no outer Boundaries and are inclined to have people violate your privacy, you need to pull out the Shield to Protect yourself.”

viking ship“The Shield is not here to hide behind so that no one can reach you, but rather to provide you as an individual with a natural Protection in your environment. It is up to you to teach others how to respect your Boundaries. It is also up to you to decide whom you allow to enter your sacred space, a space you can imagine consisting of your auric field (hold your arms out from your sides and use them as a measure for the width of the field). Learn to say ‘Yes’ when appropriate and ‘No’ when your heart says so. If you examine your mind and listen to your heart, only to discover that your answer to a certain question is not yes, then it is definitely no. Concepts like ‘maybe’ or ‘later’ or ‘perhaps’ are really only substitutes for a ‘No’.”

freyja_goddessYOUR MESSAGE
Learn how to apply your Shield of Protection when you need to. Do not give in to others people’s pressures or demands or continue to do things to only please others and allow yourself to be taken advantage of, taken for granted, or trampled upon. Like everything in life, practice makes perfect – so have the courage to develop endurance to not give up and practice setting boundaries. 

Be careful not to hide yourself or true feelings from others thus using your Shield falsely. One should dare to tap their innate wisdom as to learn when to let their Shield down and genuinely connect with others and the world around them. Otherwise, you can easily become a prisoner of your own limitations and boundaries – and you will end up losing the chance to participate in life which constantly dances around you.  Make the choice today to use your intuition and actively participate in your own life, and know that it’s okay to set boundaries from time to time.

“Few things gave the Vikings more protection while on the warpath than their shields, and therefore they were an important part of their equipment when they went Viking. The shield gave protection against stones, spearheads, arrowheads, and the sharp points of swords and knives. The shield also diminished the effects of blows, and because of the protection it provided, men suffered fewer injuries when attacked.”

“Sometimes while in battle, the Vikings formed a wall of shields (a wall of protection). Men waited calmly behind it, ready to face the enemy and meet their destiny. The Vikings carved runes on their shields and dedicated them to certain Gods to enhance their protective powers. The shield was the Viking’s outer limit, his boundary, and no one could get behind it without meeting opposition. But the Vikings also knew how to let their shields down when that was appropriate, and enjoy life in a carefree manner.”

Today’s message comes from The Viking Cards by Gudrun G. Bergmann.

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