Spirit Message of the Day – Induce Your Quickening

folklore_heketTHE EGYPTIAN HEKET
“The Frog Goddess Heket was the divine midwife of ancient Egypt, the protector of new life. She was often depicted as a frog or as a woman with the head of a frog. Heket was frequently invoked to bring protection to the process of childbirth, or to defend the family unit and guard the home. Amulets and scarabs worn by women to protect them during the birthing process often bore her image, and she was also believed to bring relief to the mother. The influence of Heket was said to bring the first signs of life, or the quickening, to the unborn child, and to hasten the last stages of labor. Midwives were given the title ‘Servants of Heket’ in honor of their life giving work.”

winged scarabYOUR MESSAGE
“This is a time for enjoying the comfort, support and nourishment of your home life. It is important to concentrate on family concerns, close connections, and intimacy,  as well as the warmth and security that a good home can provide. If your home life is good then Heket urges you to celebrate that and encourages you to actively contribute to the harmony that you desire, whether you share your home with your parents, your partner, your lover, your children, or friends.”

“If your home life leaves something to be desired then the influence of Heket can give birth to new impulses that will help you to heal old conflicts or step out and create a more nourishing environment for yourself. This is a good time to move house, undertake repairs, do some decorating or upgrade your home comforts.”

“On a higher level, you are given the opportunity to come home to yourself spiritually. It may be good to spend some time in quiet meditation, gentle contemplations and stillness. You may need to reduce your level of activity for a while so that you can give your energy and attention to the spiritual quickening that is occurring within you.”

The stone of Heket argurs a period of expectancy or birth. If you are thinking of starting a family or having another child then this is a fortune stone to choose. If, alternatively, you are giving birth to a new creative project then you are blessed with tender support and devoted loyalty from someone close to you. The good wishes of your intimate circle will help you to succeed. Remember to ask for their support when you need it and give thanks for all the love and care that you receive.”

“I am my own healer and counselor.
My intuition grows and develops every day.
I give birth to new ideas and fresh inspirations.
I trust my instincts to guide me towards my greatest happiness.
I easily quicken my spiritual growth and development.
It is safe for me to bring new things into the world.
I am adaptable and strong.”

Today’s message comes from The Eye of Horus – An Oracle of Ancient Egypt by David Lawson.

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