Spirit Message of the Day – Listen to Your Head, Your Heart, and Your Home

Susan Seddon Boulet ArtThree Goddesses, Three Secrets
I have pulled three cards for today’s message. Each card represents a different aspect (Head, Heart, and Home) of the Goddesses you can tap into to help answer a critical question you may have today. Allow these secrets to assist you with a new or different way to approach a current challenge, situation, or opportunity. Listen to the wisdom from each Goddess and gently embrace the aspects of the intellectual, emotional, and physical nature. Notice how you might be able to apply these qualities or how they may directly relate to your situation or goal. 

How to Interpret the Cards and Aspects
crown-jewelsThe Head – Represents the pure mental qualities which can help you obtain the goal you desire. This card can help you look into your own head to gain perspective on the thought processes and attitudes that can affect the matter in question.


The Heart – Represents the pure emotional qualities to help offer gentle guidance for successfully dealing with the emotional aspects of the attainment of your goal. This card can help you identify your true feelings.

BodyThe Home
– Represents physical actions to help remind you that emulating those actions can help in attaining your goal. The word ‘Home’ here refers to the body, the temple where the Head and the Heart dwell.

To help remain open, the Goddesses request that you simply read the poem below out loud – to absorb and recognize each cards meaning, and better integrate its message with your specific situation or question.

Goddess Guide Me
“MY HEAD is ready to receive
new ways to think and to believe.
My thoughts are deeds;
their powers great.
My mind will help me rule my fate.
MY HEART will fill with feelings true
that will my weary heart renew.
Emotion’s waves,
they ebb and flow,
but I avoid their under-tow.
MY HOME is here. I feel secure.
This space is now a Temple pure
where I can safely speak my mind
and leave my hurt and fear behind.
It’s time to let my head and heart
align to bring me Cupid’s dart
or any other goal I seek.
It’s time to hear the Goddess Speak!”

Lisa Hunt ArtemisYOUR HEAD
Artemis – Goddess of Discernment
“Think Realistically. Clarify and simplify your plans and communications to keep misunderstanding to a minimum. Expect and be able to live with imperfection and occasional failure. Worry can be overcome if you focus on past successes, not past failures. Obsessive behavior must be seen as a threat to obtaining your goal. Criticize only for constructive purposes.”

Lakshmi Goddess of Wisdom
“Feel open. The emotional experiences available to you must not be limited by yourself or others. When our hearts are free from fear and restriction we are able to explore all opportunities. Let go of limiting beliefs. Learn your life’s unique lessons. Be open to your truth, no matter what it may turn out to be. Faith in yourself is essential for your development.”

Eurzulie Goddess of Sensitivity
“Go with the flow. It may be best if you would yield, at least temporarily. Withdraw, blend in or avoid directly confronting energies that oppose your best interests. Get out of your own way and let outside forces aid you in ways that you cannot even imagine. Use your psychic gift to guide you to your goal. Soon the passive nature of this time will be revealed as useful.”

(To Activate Today’s Message, Repeat This Affirmation and Invocation Below Out Loud Several Times)
“I clear my mind of complex thinking, worry and perfectionism to best attain my goal. I feel willing to explore all opportunities open to me for emotional growth and maturity. I adapt to conditions so I can spend my time creatively evolving ways to attain my goal at my own pace. I flow with the current in which I find myself.”

“Worry be Gone
Also my Fear
Dear Mother Earth
Will Ground Them Here.
Unveil my eye and let me see,
Reveal what has eluded me.
Let freedom, faith and honesty
Take me far on land and see.
I am a part of the waters of Life.
Where they flow, I will go,
Ending discord, hurt and strife.”

Today’s inspiration comes from The Oracle of the Goddess by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. A similar and invaluable tool of theirs is called Goddess, Guide Me.

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