Spirit Message of the Day – Remember the Song of Your Soul

whales_and_dolphins_csg011_humpback_whale“Kohola propels himself out of the foaming sea of Kane, in a swirl of water and light. He is perfectly poised, expressing the wonder of all creation. There is no land in sight.”

Today’s message is from KOHOLA the Hawaiian humpback whale who brings us both the blessings of and the challenge of “old knowledge” with a way through of “balance” and a gift of “divine dispensation”. Kohola spends time swimming through the shining waters of Hawaii, but he is also a migratory creature, traveling all the way to the far islands of Tahiti. He is full of joy and exhilaration. You are currently working to achieve great balance and grace in your life, yet you are also swimming between different spheres. You are working at harmonizing your male and female qualities.

matira_beach_bora_bora_jpgAllow Kohola to bring you to that tranquil place where the ocean meets the skies. Be at peace with each and every life transition and seasonal cycle so that you can begin to remember and then follow the deep song of your soul. Kohola’s presence in your life is a blessing; one that if followed will lead you to your own personal paradise.  Remember that Koho means to “choose”; so this is the time to make a conscientious choice to stay on the right path. Choose to reconnect with the power of your ancient light, before you go any further. Let the joy of movement wash over you with exhilaration.

Humpback_Whale_underwaterWith faith, trust, and poised balance – remember your soul path on your journey through the sea. When you have successfully reached your goal, remember to honor the divine.  With this kindness and remembrance, you will be set free. ‘Au i ke kai loa.  Swim the distant seas.

“Many Hawaiians, and others, perceive and interact with spirits, known as the ‘Aumakua. Stories about them exist all over the world, although our guiding lights are known by a number of different names. Many Hawaiians look to their ‘Aumakua for their most sacred guidance: ‘The ‘Aumakua is the older, parental, utterly trustworthy spirit of the Higher Self’.”

This message comes from The Hawaiian Oracle – Animal Spirit Guides from the Land of Light by Rima A. Morrell, Ph.D.

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