Spirit Message of the Day – Take the Journey Inward

Today’s message comes from The Rune Mysteries by Nigel Jackson and Silver Ravenwolf.

vikingRunes originate in the Viking period, in the time of Odin, the chief god of Norse Mythology, a time when longboats sailed from the fjords of Scandinavia on military missions. By 800 AD Runes were in use throughout much of western, central, and northern Europe. The Vikings carried the Runes west with them to Iceland and Greenland. It is part of Viking legend that Odin’s horse, Sleipnir, had runic symbols engraved upon its teeth. Each rune symbol symbolises not only a letter, but a deeper meaning, an energy, an ancient wisdom used to help guide people through their every day lives.

Viking_artHaving pulled the Nordic Rune symbol card called “Rad” or “Ride”; it is the element that denotes ordered travel, communication, change, movement, and progress. The implied journey could be a physical one but more likely refers to an inner voyage of enlightenment.

Rad2“Rad’s journeys are designed to change how we see things. This symbol shows us sturdy foundations, good advice, and right action and refers to how you order your life. It is your task to arrange your affairs and activities to reap the greatest benefit. With Rad, there is movement in the right direction at present, and your rhythm has picked up good momentum. Changes are happening at the right times, and you are making good progress.”

Odin_rides_to_Hel“Rad relates to wise counsel, moral responsibility, and the ability to understand one’s limits and operate within them. It is also a timing card, but one that requires your intuition. The Rad card advises you to avoid aimless wandering and attend to reason, going directly toward your goal. Transitions will occur as you journey through this phase of life. If you maintain integrity and justice, problems will be rectified, and you will see your path open before you. The right way for you to live at present is to bring yourself into accord with natural order.”

brigidIts Message For You. Be bold and take the journey inward. Have faith in your ability to manifest, with your actions, your heart’s desires, and create the future you cannot yet see. Be willing to change your thought patterns and accept the challenge to take the spiritual journey which lies before you.  Consider what you could be doing today to get things going in your life and moving in the direction that you desire, and then act on them despite this time of transition. Move swiftly and confidentially in the direction of your dreams.

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