Spirit Message of the Day – The Crossroads

crossThe Meaning
“The core issue is about choices. You have arrived at the decision point, for you stand at the crossroads. Although you can remain where you are, the greater call is to choose another road. The crossroads card speaks of new opportunities that can only come through change and transformation. This can mean taking risks, a leap of faith, or trusting the intuitive. This card calls upon you to examine your life as you stand in a pivotal moment. At the crossroads, the place on which you now find yourself reveals where you are. The road forking to the right is the practical choice of the mind. The road forking to the left is the questionable choice of the heart.”

CrossroadsThe Teaching
“In ancient times a crossroads was a place where three roads met and divided. It was believed to be a place of magic, a point between the worlds. In the center stood a long wooden pole known as hekataion, representing the Goddess of the Crossroads. Three wooden masks were hung on the pole, each one facing a different fork in the road. The Goddess of the Crossroads held two torches. One cast its light on the place where the traveler stood on his or her path. The other torch lighted the alternative path ahead.”

“The card depicts the hekataion pole with a Hecate wheel hanging above the masks, which symbolizes the labryinth of her mysteries. The masks represent her triformis nature as the Lady above, center, and below (the Three Worlds). A key is shown suspended on the pole, symbolic of the fact that the hidden mysteries can be open or closed to us at the crossroads, for only the sincere seeker can enter and pass through.”

“On the card there are thirteen candles, which symbolize the lunar cycle of the year. This connects the theme to the Goddess of the Crossroads who is also the Goddess of the Moon. Nine pomegranates appear on the earth as offerings to the Godesses  of the Crossroads. Such offerings are sacred to the Underworld, and can draw upon the oracle forces within. “

HecateAlignment Visualization
“A priestess and priest of the Old Ways have brought you to the sacred crossroads. In front of you stands the great symbol of the ancient Goddess. She is the timeless one from the forgotten age. The Voice of the Wind sweeps past you and the candles sway in the breeze. The voices of your ancestors welcome you.”

“You look up at the design on the plaque that hangs on the tree. The design begins to move in an inward pattern, drawing you into its center. The priestess and priest behind you hold the glowing sphere above your head. a mist of glittering light falls upon you like a soft shower of snowflakes. Everything vanishes before your eyes.”

“The voice of the Goddess speaks to you as you stand between the worlds. She explains that your souls is like the crossroads. It is neither of the world of mortal kind, nor truly in the world of mortal kind. Instead it lies between, and is the spark of the Source from which it came. It is here at the center of who you are that you can see greater truth that lies beyond the illusion of the material existence.”

060907“The Goddess continues, and she speaks of the teaching of seeking that which lies within, for what you seek cannot be found in the outer realities. The truth resides in what has been passed to you in the spark you received from the Source of your creation. Therefore your seeking is not one of self-realization, it is one of interfacing with the Divine Source through the inner spark you bear.”

“A mist begins to form and you find yourself once again at the Crossroads. This is the moment of choice. You may return to your former ways, for this is the road upon which you now stand. Two paths remain to offer you alternatives. You may walk  in the ways of the world of mortal kind, and seek a material purpose and existence, or you may walk the path of the mystic, and seek your spiritual evolution and purpose.”

“There are no judges in the choices before you. Your initiators have brought you to the Crossroads, and the light of the Goddess illuminates all three roads. The wind blows past you again, and the key that hangs suspended swings lightly back and forth. It lies within the ring of stones, the circle of the Goddess.”   

well-worn-pathYour Message
It is time for you to walk the ancient path in the present day. Blaze your own trails as you continue on your personal journey. In time your chosen path will become the well worn path for those who follow behind you. Determine to be a sincere seeker and pass through the inner doorways which lie just ahead. The door is open and the tools are in hand.

Today’s inspiration comes from
The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor.
Click here for more information.

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