Spirit Message of the Day – Follow Your Heart

junepics 107“As you honor and follow the guidance of your heart, prosperity is coming to you now.”

Your Guardian Angel is being sent to you today with a special message. “Rest assured you are fully supported and the angels have heard your prayers for financial support. Be assured that we see money as a symbol of the abundant supply provided to each of us. The Earthly negativity surrounding money comes from human minds alone. The universe sees money as an exchange of energy. We know that you need material essentials and we want you to be comfortable, safe, and happy.” If you follow your intuition and and have faith to follow the guidance of your heart, you will be provided for.

“Your finances have been blocked in the past because of guilt and other negative beliefs and emotions. I have helped you heal and release much of your negative associations with money. Please know that I am here to help you so that you can help more people. The more that you allow me to give you, the more you will be able to give to others.” You only need open your heart and be willing to receive the abundance that surrounds you.

“In the near future, you will be able to manifest all of your needs. But in the meantime, allow me to help you by accepting my contributions.” The Universe is here to help and support you.

It has been said, we do not all want the same things in life. Therefore, there is enough for everyone to go around. Find the confidence today to ask for what you need. Feel yourself worthy of today’s blessings and be open to financial opportunities that will come to you in one form or another.

Today’s inspirational thought is from Messages From Your Angels by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

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