Spirit Message of the Day – Find the Ordinary Miracles

Today’s inspiration comes from Healing Earth Tarot– a journey into self discovery, empowerment, and planetary healing by Jyoti and David Mckie

 “The world is full of ordinary miracles which happen every day. They are not earth shattering displays of cosmic proportions, and yet they are capable of changing our lives utterly. These cards hold a hidden magic that is right before our eyes. If we become conscious of this ordinary magic it will begin to speak to us and help us.”

The Healing Earth Cards represent relevant teachings from traditional to modern lessons for global awareness. Allow the cards to speak to you today and “initiate shifts in emphasis towards understanding that, unless we as human beings heal ourselves inside, we will not survive as a world.”

qwheelI’ve selected the “Four Shield Spread” which is designed to help give a clearer picture of the self in times of confusion or change. This five card spread includes (North, South, East, West) directional placements which also hold unique meanings on top of each card’s message as well.

Allow today’s inspiration to awaken your sensitivity to your psychic and spiritual depths, and join it with the powerful, intuitive knowledge of your heart.

Seven of Shieldssea turtle
Center, Card 1: You at Present. This is where you may find yourself today mentally, spiritually, or emotionally.

Card Description
“The turtle mother in the picture has come out of the sea to lay her seven eggs on the warm, sandy shore. She knows that she must trust that this safe haven will protect them as they develop, and that her offspring will eventually find their way back to the sea, and that they will learn to swim and grow in its blue depths.”

General Message
“The Seven of Shields represents a time of trust, as ideas or beginnings grow deep inside the self. This card describes the development of new growth or ideas. It signifies that a fresh start is in the making, and that, at this stage, it is important to do all the ground work for this new beginning to happen successfully.”

“When something new is developing inside the self it needs time and a quiet space, like the turtle’s beach, to be fully nurtured. To rush into a new sense of self before it is completely integrated internally will only bring insecurity. Be like the turtle and take time and care to find the most nurturing environment possible for your fresh born being to emerge and grow strong.” Note: Shields represent the material/matter and Earth. The number seven represents taking responsibility and taking some time for a decision.

Tree PeopleGrandmother of Shields
South, Card 2: Intuitive Power. This is what your gut feelings often tell you without thinking.

Card Description
“The Grandmother of Shields has skills in the way of the material world. She knows where to find the natural resources she needs to survive. She acknowledges the earth as a sacred parent and treats its gifts with respect and gratitude.”

General Message
“This card represents she who can receive from the land without destroying it. She brings understanding that the material world is not to be despised as lower than as the spiritual, but is to be cherished for its gifts and honored as much as the spiritual. She is the maker of shields, because she sees the face of the land like a great shield. Her creative use of the earth’s resources mirrors back to the earth its own creativity, and in so doing becomes a divine act. “

“This grandmother teaches us to rejoice in the rich way the earth wishes to care for us, and to acknowledge these treasures by being creative with them. If wood has been used to make our homes or furniture, Grandmother of Shields tells us not to squander too many trees, and to remember to plant a new generation of trees in their place.”

Six of Wandsdurga01
North, Card 3: Past Patterns. This is something you may or may not be aware of.

Card Description
“The Six of Wands is the dance of success, when fire’s powerful energy has been used in a centered and joyful manner to win victory. The fire dancer moves gracefully, as if she hears the very music of the spheres and dances in rhythm to the stars. She has harnessed the strength and courage of the tiger in progressing towards her goal. She is like the figure of the Indian Goddess Durga who brings victory and self assurance to those in need.”

General Message
“This card proclaims that now is the time to hear the good news traveling to meet you. You can expect some form of success to be yours, whether it is on the emotional, material, mental, or spiritual plane.” Note: Wands represent energy/action and Fire. The number six represents developing achievement, well being, and transcendence of difficulties.

aztec danceDeath – Dance of the Great Let Go
West, Card 4: Early Action or Thought. This is something new you can consider before making new changes.

Card Description
“A black woman dances upon a fire. Her face is covered by a skull death mask. Around her throat is the necklace of teeth. Her dancing arms are covered in snakelike designs and a dead lizard hangs from one elbow. In her left hand she holds a bone, while her right hand sends out bolts of lightning into the darkness. Snakes adorn her waist and hang blackly from her skirts. Tiny skulls, all that remain of long dead warriors, rattle at her hips. The sky is a livid pink reflecting the blood red earth. The silhouette of an ancient temple stands in the background as a bat flies out from its walls to seek its prey. Four snakes, two of them feathered serpents, decorate the darkness surrounding Death.”

“This dancer is death mother, or Coatlique, the goddess of the south. She dances the shadow self, that which we hold tightly by trying to hide it. By honoring this dark side we can loosen its grip and dance more fully with life. Her hideous costume reminds us how quickly our denial of life can turn to poison. The poisonous snakes of death are also the transforming snakes of life, and the bat, too, has a part to play in telling us to listen to the darkness inside and not to be afraid of its messages, bounced back to us like sonic waves.”

General Message
“The card Death does not mean physical death, but the letting go of things which we realize are truly dead for us. If we insist on clinging to these dead or old ways they will eventually turn to poison. The Death Mother teaches transformation, so that new birth can arise from old death. Like the snake losing its skin, or the bat turning itself upside down, we must allow ourselves the chance to change and to respect who we are to become.”

Medicine Wheel -Wheel of Time, Space, and Cycleshealingearth
East, Card 5: Fresh Insight. Let this message bring you new enlightenment and new considerations based on the information gleamed from this reading.

General Message
“The Medicine Wheel shows the power of the cycles of destiny which run through our lives. As we move around the sacred wheel, we see different aspects of ourselves brought into focus. When we move in harmony with the flow of cycles, we progress into each phase of life without pain and with joy of learning more about our direction and purpose.”

“Take a moment to look at the different directions on the great Medicine Wheel, and decide which feels appropriate at this stage. Have you just passed through a period of learning to use your mind with greater clarity? If so, the white buffalo has been your guide. If a sudden change of outlook or fresh ideas have come your way then you can be sure that eagle is at hand. With coyote you may have had time to relax and play a little with a newfound trust in life’s love for you. The great bear may have shown you the ways of silence and looking within for deeper guidance.”

“With the otter in the northeast it is time to act and enjoy movement. In the southeast with the beaver you may have had a period of building something new for yourself or others. In the southwest with the Katchinas, take time to be in touch with your dreams – whether of night or day – and allow them to aid you. In the northwest with the snake, change is the order of the day, so move with it and the Medicine Wheel will smile upon you.”

How can we realize a more fulfilling life? Our happiness is produced, not by our external life conditions, but by our perceptions and thoughts about our life and what happens to us. If we are aware, we learn that we are not upset or made happy by events, but by our reactions to events. Life is interpretation. To grow gracefully, and move with the dance of life, be willing to embrace each phase and cycle, turn upsidedown to shift your perceptions to see things differently. Be Open to Abundance; Ordinary Miracles surround you.

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