Spirit Message of the Day – Celtic Tree Hawthorn

hawthorn tree picsToday is the first day of the Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn. According to the Ogham calendar, May is the month that embodies new energies, ideas, ventures, and innovations. It is a time for us to connect with the inner realms to allow us to adapt more easily to upcoming changes and teaches us to be more open minded to creative influences in our lives. May is a month of voluntary cleansing and self chastity;  a short period of willing restraint and time where you can quietly keep to yourself. It is important to concentrate on the mental aspect of living rather than the physical action of doing. Now is the time to set strategic preparations and delve into inner growth and mental development to ensure that an enriching spiritual harvest will follow. Do not try to rush towards the changes or new phases which lie just ahead of you. Instead, thoroughly enjoy and carefully observe each step you take through this peaceful transitional period. Take some time to consider and think more clearly through how to face any obstacles you’re currently struggling with.  If you can face what’s in front of you today, you can more easily adapt to make the necessary and needed changes in order to gracefully meet your challenges and goals with great prosperity and success.

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