Spirit Message of the Day – Wishing Upon a Star

10100766A~Wish-Upon-a-Star“All of us wish for our dreams to come true. As children these wishes are often in the form of fantasies and imagination. The urge to wish is magical. It brings us in touch with a potential not yet actualized, a vision, a hope. To wish is to open ourselves to receiving, and if we believe ourselves worthy of fulfilment, most likely our dreams will be realized in one form or another.”

“The saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ is an important caution. As children turn into young adults, wishing must become more of a conscious act. Many people are not aware of the power of wishing or of the guardian presences who overlight them. Remember that it is a sacred act to wish upon a star, calling out to the bearers of celestial gifts for each one of us.”

Take note, an important wish, desire, or hope may be fulfilled for you soon. Open your mind and heart to your highest self identity that guides you upward on your path of destiny. Remember that your true essence is that of spiritual light, clothed by a physical body.  As you initiate into the light, dedicate your life to the destiny you truly wish to fulfill.

“To wish upon a star is to connect once again with the higher forces of life, be they guardian angels, spirit guides, or bodies of light. What’s true of the macrocosm (solar system) is true and reflected like a mirror in the microcosm (the human being).”

To manifest that which you dream of: Find a quiet moment to wish upon a star tonight and focus on alligning your will with that which you desire.  

Excerpts from Inner Child Cards – A Fairy Tale Tarot.
Isha and Mark Lerner.

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  1. i love this. wishes are what it’s all about 🙂
    (foundation of my blog)
    thanks for this!

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